Who I am

Hi! I’m Elisa Manfron, known on social media as EliManfri.

30 years old, from Italy (Monza).

Graduated in Media Languages, I work as a digital marketer and ecommerce employee in Didoni, an artisan company from Brianza that works with precious and semiprecious stones.

I’ve always been a fan of weekend trips. Working all week, the weekend is the perfect time to take a day or two to relax and visit new places.

In my travels I prefer medieval villages and fortresses, Renaissance and Baroque palaces and cities of art . I have always described myself as an ancient soul, from other times. I am very thoughtful and super curious. I like to be organized: before every trip I read a lot and find out about all the characteristics and curiosities of that place. I don’t want to miss anything!

Of the ancient castles I am curious about the life they have seen pass and which they still hold in part. Who knows how many dreams are left on the towers.

Fabrizio Caramagna

Why I started the travel blog Curiosando in giro

I woke up one day and thought “I have a thousand photos and videos but nothing has been written about it, will I have a memory of all the places and the curiosities of the places I have seen?”

“Scripta manent” said the Latins, so I started the blog to tell through my itineraries the trips and day trips I do and have done.